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The smart world of e-commerce.

The e-commerce industry and e-ordering are experiencing a spectacular rise. And as your business grows according to higher volumes, so do the requirements for electronic, efficient and e-asy packaging with a positive environmental impact.

Here at Efhis Ergon we understand that the nature of e-commerce requires packaging that offers more. The right e-commerce e-packaging solution can help you turn a shipping box into a real asset.

Turn your e-packaging into an e-commerce asset.

Internet shopping is a growing trend today that will remain prevalent for years to come. By the end of 2022, e-commerce sales are expected to reach approximately 4,900,000,000 $ (trillion dollars) worldwide.

e-silver surfers 50+

These online shoppers aged 50+ are known as silver surfers a demographic group with an exponential spending power, which you must approach them with better packaging, simple, designed for them. Promoted by the changing habits of consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic, silver surfers are easily embracing online shopping more than ever.

Fast packing, less time.

With custom packaging you can increase your production and reduce labor and storage costs by a total of up to 40% with boxes that can be made quickly. (assembled, filled and closed)

Protected construction and closure = better experience & excited customers.

How many good experiences build loyalty in your online store?
Do you measure your customers' satisfaction with your deliveries?
Do you measure your costs associated with defective shipments and handling complaints? You must !!!

56% of online shoppers have received at least once a damaged package or torn plastic package from their online stores, which resulted in 20% of all cases of a damaged product.

61% of consumers say they expect to use the original packaging for returns, but only about half of the packaging is suitable.

48% of consumers say large packages are wasteful and impractical to dispose of.

62% of consumers prefer paper-based packaging to plastic postage envelops and consider brown paper more sustainable than white paper.

Renewable, recycled and FSC materials.

Have you ever wondered what harm your packaging can do to the environment?
Recycled paper production, consumes two-thirds less energy and water. Above all however, recycling means protecting the natural resource of wood.
The FSC board proposed by Efhis Ergon is environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and with economically sustainable forest management. As the majority of products are made of raw cardboard, the optical luster of the material from chemicals is eliminated, thus ensuring the best possible ecological balance.
Cardboard decomposes very quickly compared to plastic. While a plastic packaging takes 120 years to decompose, paper becomes compost in 1 to 3 years.

Custom packaging.
Efhis Ergon, with the knowledge of the correct design, the operation of the packaging τηε material, the production process and the requirements that are necessary for product packaging, develops solutions tailored to your needs.

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