Efhis Ergon

We listen to you and we dedicate the time and attention you deserve.

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We are talented with a creative mind and our awards in international competitions prove it!

Special Packaging

We design product boxes that aim to impress consumers and protect content.


Traditional , premium or digital printing for short delivery times? We are here to help you.

Shopping Bags

Κομψές χειροποίητες τσάντες σε πολλαπλά στυλ, μεγέθη και φινιρίσματα εκτύπωσης σχεδιασμένα σύμφωνα με τις μοναδικές σας προδιαγραφές και με την καλύτερη τιμή.

A few words about us

Efhis Ergon is a company that is active in the field of design and printing solutions, gaining the trust of its customers and learning through them, knowing the needs of the market.
We undertake the printing and production based on the specifications and deliver the final product to the customer
Our know-how as well as the experience of all these years cover a wide range of quality formatting and printing projects, but they also give us the confidence of a vertically integrated printing unit.

Special boxes, Packaging / Construction

Efhis Ergon is passionate about developing "custom packaging solutions" in close collaboration with its customers and partners. We specialize in creative and cost-effective production services that produce custom boxes and product packages that aim to impress consumers.

Graphic design

Είμαστε ταλαντούχοι με δημιουργικό μυαλό και βραβευτήκαμε με το Χάλκινο μετάλλιο στον διαγωνισμό σχεδιασμού ED awards το 2020 για τον βιομηχανικό σχεδιασμό κουτιού, με την πρώτη θέση το 2021 στον διαγωνισμό red dot & με το Χάλκινο μετάλλιο στον διεθνή διαγωνισμό σχεδιασμού Ά Design Awards το 2022 και με το Iron award 2023 στον τομέα Graphics & Visual Communication
We provide to our customers with the best services available in addition to the best quality.
Our graphic design team will work to understand your business so that we can create a marketing campaign that is in line with your company goals.

Forest Stewardship Council
BENEFITS of our cooperation with FSC certified companies

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Elegant bags
Elegant shopping bags with multiple printing styles, sizes and finishes designed according to your unique specifications and at the best price

High quality offset printing

The details of an image make the image dazzling

Free art design

The deceptions of the idea that you have in your mind, become a reality with us.

Shipping worldwide

We do not work only in Greece, our work is always available worldwide.

Let's start our collaboration

Contact us to find a creative solution!


Efhis Ergon = Done as desired / what you wish for